Rejjie Snow’s “Lost in Empathy”

I know this has been around for a while, but it’s truly great, & so I thought worthy of a blog share. Also, I’m trying to step up my posting game, and this seemed a kinda covert way of easing back into it.

In this video, Snow deals with issues of race & identity with a blurred whiplash mysticism. The poetry of his writing & imagery is pretty much unparalleled, compared to most rappers today.

Visionary in its eluding the direct gaze, a music video of a savage, white-noised dreamscape, where Snow is hunted down by shadows of both systemic & personal demons.

A great artist with much to give & much to be learned from. A++

– G


Short Film in the Works


Here’s a great still from a short I made. It’s called ‘Beast of Kilimanjaro,’ and, yes, is in some way inspired by the Hemingway story…in some way………yes.

Shot entirely on a iPhone 6s in a bathroom at night with 2 full-grown men (one w/o pants on). So, if this sounds like your kinda film, stay close; it’s coming your way! 😉

2018 UPDATE: The film is complete. Will have it available for public viewing, VERY soon.

Take care, now.

From inside the Thunderdome,